Raymond Chan

Raymond Chan

Courses/workshops: Fundamentals

Affiliated trainingen agencies: TDI, ANDI, PADI 

CCR's: Megalodon, Hammerhead, SF2, Defender, Xccr, Poseidon, Liberty, 

 School: UR Diving Country: Hong Kong China Phone: +852 92120376 

Web: hktecdiving.com/ 

Mail: urdivinghk@gmail.com 

Start from 2002. In 2015 April Become the SDI TDI Instructor trainer, and in 2019 become Instructor trainer Examiner. Has over 2500 dives and diving in countries like Canada, USA, Italy, China, Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean, Japan, Taiwan, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Micronesia, Indonesia, UK and Indian Sea. Cave diving experience in China, Florida, Mexico, Philippine, Italy, Malaysia, and Thailand. Did a deep cave dive in Thailand, Song Hong using Hammerhead rebreather to 175 meter in July 25, 2014.